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the home of good rakija




My name is Nihad Delic . In 2013 my wife and I started 

our distillery to craft Rakija.

Rakija is the Balkan version of  Eau de vie or Schnapps.

We craft Plum, Apple and Fruit (Apple&Pear) Brandies. All of our fruit is from Eastern Washington.  We distill and bottle here at our farm/distillery in Belfair, Washington


           APPLE BRANDY

 375 ml 40% ABV-80 proof

                                 Apple Brandy starts with selection of differentapple varieties from Washington. 

After it is double distilled we age it in oak casks and finish in glass.

This brandy can be classified as a young Calvados.It is available all year.

           PLUM BRANDY

 375 ml 40% ABV-80proof

                                  Plum Brandy is crafted from 100% Washington grown plums.

After hand selection of plums we start with fermentation which takes about a month.

Distilling is done in small batches and then

re-distilled.We age for six months.

Our brandy is distilled,bottled and distributed from our farm.


             FRUIT BRANDY

 375 ml 40% ABV-80 proof

                 Fruit Brandy is blend of Apple Brandy and Pear and it is made with 100% fruit.

                       It has a pear flavor with a nice touch of apple brandy. This brandy aged only in glass.

                                        Brandy can be enjoyed as an aperitif and also in cooking.

Kim Beigh Avery reviewed Delich Distillery — 5 star
October 24, 2017 ·
Great people with a great "natural" product! We'll be back for sure!


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2590 N.E. Old Belfair HWY
Belfair WA 98528
Office hours:10:00 a.m. to 03:00 p.m.